May 1, 2019: 13 Ordinations for the Society of Pilar

Ordination Card 2019

It is a great joy to announce the Ordinations of 13 young men for the Society of Pilar.

Melito D’Souza, Nelson Pereira. Josly Fernandes, Trevor Pereira and Lionel Fernandes will be ordained in the Pilar Seminary Chapel on May 1, 2019 at the hands of Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao.

V. Amalray on 5th May at Shivagangai, Tamil Nadu,
Jenald Amal Regan on 7th May at Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu,
Joseph Kiran Monteiro and Arvin John D’Cunha on 9th May 2019  in Mangalore
Michael John Colaco on 11-5-19 at Udupi, Karnataka
Subash Chinnabathini on 11th May at Nalgonda, Telengana
Sunil Toppo on 17th May at Jashpur, Chattisgarh
Stephen Pouchena on 18th May at Kohima, Nagaland