Our Mission and Charism

The specific charism of our Society must be seen within the broad framework of the Church’s mission which itself is an extension of the mission of Jesus. The gospel attests to the mandate which Jesus gave to his disciples before he ascended to the Father. The duty has weighed upon the Church to spread the good news and the saving work of
Jesus Christ. Through the different charisms of her members and through the power of the Spirit the Church fulfills this duty.

“Christ inspires the missionary vocation in the hearts of individuals. At the same time He raises up in the Church certain groups which take as their own special task that duty or preaching the Gospel which weighs upon the whole Church” (AG).

Our Society is one of these groups blessed with a special task – a special charism – for the Evangelization of India by its own sons. This special charism has been manifested first at the moment of Foundation and in its apostolate within the boundaries of the mission-field. The second moment of the manifestation of this charism has been
mightier than the first one as that has given new vigor and stability for its Re-organization. The Re-organizers brought new life into the Old Society by up-dating the Constitutions, introducing the sacred bonds, a training program for its members and the extension of the field of the missionary endeavors.