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Mumbai Province

Since the last 65 years the Society of Pilar has been steadily increasing in number and expanding the scope of its service to God and the nation. In the very next year after the Society was revamped, two missionaries were sent to Nagar Haveli that became the first unit, and the nucleus of what would later become the Bombay Province of the
Society. In 1951, Cardinal Valerian Gracias of Bombay invited the Pilar Fathers to Ambernath, where they had to start from scratch. Today the Mumbai Province of the Society counts 4 local houses and 17 residential units, besides the provincialate in Vasai East in the state of Maharashtra. It is working in the dioceses of Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bombay, Nagpur, Vasai and Goa-Daman.

The Province has:

14 Parishes, 4 Local Houses, 5 Residential chaplaincies, 2 higher secondary schools, 12 high schools, 14 primary schools, 8 Balwadis/coaching centers, 11 Tribal hostels, 1 Farm and 1 Social Service Society.

Provincial Superior:

Fr. Sylvester Marianthiran, sfx
Telephone number: (0250) 245-2563/ 645-0217
Provincialate, Nivant Niwas
Rashmi Park, Bungalow Complex
B. No. 81, Waliv
P.O. Vasai Road(E)
Vasai, Thane
Email: pilarfathersmumbai@gmail.com



Goa Province

 In the same year, i.e. 1951, the Society was entrusted with the region of Sanguem, in southeast Goa. This eventually became the hub of what is named as the Goa Province of the Society. Today the Province of the Society has 3 local houses and 14 residential units spread over the states of Goa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and one in south
Maharashtra, besides the Provincialate in Margao. In most of these units the fathers look after parishes and schools. The fathers are brothers are working in the dioceses of Goa, Belgaum, Karwar, Pune, Shimoga, Mangalore, Madras-Mylapore and Sindhudurg.

The province has:

14 parishes, 2 chaplaincies, 3 mission stations, 6 pre-primary schools, 5 primary schools, 4 high schools, 1 higher secondary school, 1 catering college, 1 orphanage, 1 hostel, 2 farms, 1 social work society and 1 music school.

Provincial Superior:

Fr. Anthony Silva, sfx

Antonio C. Pacheco Road
H. No 427
Margao, Goa - 403-601
Telephone number: (0832) 270-1664
Email: dakxina@rediffmail.com


Delhi Province

In 1961, the Society made a maiden entry into the northern regions of India. Fr. Ovidio Cunha and Fr. Mariano Pereira were sent to Sirsa in Haryana. Today the Delhi Province of the Society, whose members serve in the northern states of India, has nine residential units of its own spread over Haryana and Punjab, besides one parish in
Dholpur in Rajasthan, and the Provincialate in Delhi. The province also has eight priests doing pastoral work and assisting in parishes of the dioceses of Jammu-Srinagar, Jullundar and Amritsar. This province has right from the beginning been involved in providing quality education to people in this region. It is working in the dioceses of Agra,
Delhi, Jammu, Simla-Chandigarh and Jalandur.

The province has:

9 parishes, 2 mission stations, 15 balwadis/coaching centers, 1 primary school, 7 high schools, 3 higher secondary schools, 5 orphanages, 1 farm and 1 clinic.

Provincial Superior:

Fr. John Fernandes, SFX
Pilar Niwas
House No. N-32
Jangpura Extension
New Delhi - 110-014
Telephone number: (011) 243-14894/ 435-92570
Email:  delhiprovincesfx@gmail.com


Kolkata Province

A new chapter in the life of the Society occurred in February 1965 when two of its members embarked for the far away islands of Andaman and Nicobar in the middle of the Bay of Bengal. The mission flourished well and was nourished almost exclusively by our members who opened churches and houses in several places all over the islands. In 1985 the mission was raised to a diocese and Fr. Alex Dias, a member of the Society who worked for more than a decade in the Andamans, became its first bishop. The capital town Port Blair was for many years the administrative seat of the Society’s eastern region. Only recently, it has been shifted to Kolkata. The Kolkata Province has 16 residential units, besides some members who are lent to other dioceses. The members from this province serves the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and the union territories of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The members work in the dioceses of Bhopal, Baruipur, Gumla, Guwahati, Kohima, Dibrugarh, Miao, Kolkotta, Port Blair, Ranchi and Shillong.

The province has:

18 parishes, 10 balwadis/coaching centers, 3 primary schools, 4 high schools, 1 higher secondary school, 7 hostels, 4 farms, 6 social work institutions.

Provincial Superior:

Fr. Attley Gomes, sfx
Pilar Fathers Provincialate
193/1, Andul Road
P.O. Danesh Sheik Lane
Howrah, West Bengal - 711-109
Telephone number: (033) 268-85232, 268-87775
Email: provincialkol@gmail.com